Ride Like A Rockstar


Reservations and Booking

Q: How do I book a charter?   Call the office, e-mail Randy or Stephanie, or use the Quote Request form on our Web site.

Q: How far in advance do I have to book?   The earlier the better so that we have not  sold out all of our equipment, especially on Fridays and weekends.

Q: Can I request a driver?   Yes, we love to have driver requests.

Q: What is ACR Coach cancellation policy?   With 31 days or more notice, you receive 75 percent of your deposit. With 30 days or less notice, no refund is provided.


Charter Rates

Q: How much does it cost to charter a motor coach?   The cost is based on mileage or day rate.

Q: How much of a deposit do you require?   Twenty (20) percent of the total charter amount.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?   Checks, cashier checks, money orders, or cash.

Q: When is final payment due?   Thirty (30) days prior to charter date unless you are a school that will provide a Purchase Order.

Q: Are driver gratuities included in your rates?   No, we ask for you to pay the driver directly.  If you want to include in the charter price, we ask that you specify the amount and we add it onto the charter price.

Q: Are driver hotel rooms included in your rates?   No, group books and pays for the single room driver room with their reservations.  Also, the group will pay any bus parking fees.

Q: What type of insurance does your company carry?   $5,000,000 general liability



Q: How far will your vehicles travel?   Our coaches will travel throughout the United States and Canada.

Q: How long can a driver drive?   One 24 hour day allows a 15 hour on-duty window in which he can drive 10 hours.  A driver must have eight consecutive uninterrupted hours off duty to travel any longer (in complance with Department of Transportation standards).

Q: Can we leave in the middle of the night?   Yes, we must have a detailed itinerary to help you plan when leaving in the middle of the night.

Q: Do the buses make stops?   Yes, driver usually stops every two to three hours. Group can request special stops.


Motorcoach Amenities and Rules

Q: How many passengers can your vehicles accommodate?   Forty Seven (47) passengers or 56 passengers.

Q: Do all of the buses have restrooms?   Yes.

Q: Does ACR Coach allow smoking on board?   No!  This is a federal law.

Q: Are food and drink allowed on board?   Yes. We prefer plastic bottled water or plastic bottled drinks.

Q: Are pets allowed on board?   No.

Q: Can we bring our own music and movies?   Yes.