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About ACR Coach

Futral family - ACRcoachACR Coach is a family owned and operated company.  In fact, the name ACR is from the Futral children’s names; Adrienne, Codie and Randall.  The Futral Family is fully involved with their associates to bring you the most professional motorcoach rental experience. If you find you wish to rent a bus from Starkville, Columbus or anywhere in the Golden Triangle area to locations in Mississippi, or throughout North America you can know you are getting the latest equipment, professional staff and a the commitment to treat your family like ours.

ACR Coach has over 20 well maintained motorcoaches for your requirements.  We have the ability to bring in more through our various affiliations and working relationships, if needed.  Our Company has been involved in many large programs, including the 2008 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions in 2012.  Those in the motorcoach industry recognize ACR Coach as a leader in Bus Rental in Mississippi.

ACR Coach is proud of its maintenance facilities and welcomes anyone to come visit the operations.  Most consumers don’t realize that there are bus companies who do not operate their own maintenance facilities, but instead farm out their maintenance to someone else.  Since we have multiple service bays, you can be assured your charter bus rental will have been inspected by one of our qualified maintenance personnel.  Look at the others, and then come visit ACR Coach.

MTRushmoreSafety and Reliability is also important to you, as it is ACR Coach.  There are many cheap bus companies that will cut corners to cut your price.  The United States Military realizes that and has set up their own Motorcoach Inspection Program.  In order to carry the men and women of our Nation’s Military, a bus company must first be Department of Defense Approved.  Of the more than 4000 Motorcoach Companies in the United States registered with the Department of Transportation, only 400 have been able to be approved by the more stringent safety standards of the Department of Defense.  Our family is riding on our coaches.  Yours should too.

Over the years, Randy and Stephanie Futral have received many industry awards, including the United Motorcoach Association “Vision Award” for the way they brought fresh ideas to their company.


Motorcoach Association Memberships

American Bus Association
United Motorcoach Association
South Central Motor Coach Association
Alabama Motor Coach Association